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Artist Statement: Body/Object

After sustaining an injury the human body has an inherent ability to mend and rebuild itself. However, the body is unable to repair damaged tissue to its exact original state. Thus, a scar forms and a remnant of the original injury remains etched in the skin. Similar to the physical act of scarring, the body also automatically employs internal defense mechanisms to aid in the mending processes of mental and emotional wounds. When situations leave us in a state of vulnerability, psychological measures are engaged to help us cope. Eventually, we learn to deal with the circumstance and adapt. The emotional wound heals, but a psychological scar remains acting as a point of reference, something to draw from when faced with similar situations. These individual scars collectively develop into something more substantial, fortitude for the self. This creates a covering that is both comforting and cumbersome.


Traditionally, quilts have been designed and created to provide a user with both physiological and psychological comfort and protection. These same themes are reflected in the body. In this piece, I seek to create a different type of covering; one that embodies the traditional characteristics of a quilt to a more substantial degree. By using metal, a covering is created which is very literally protective, strong, and enduring.

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